AI conversational assistant for language learners

  • Start thinking in a foreign language.
  • Overcome the "intermediate plateau".
  • Make your language more convincing for your career goals.

How does it work?

  1. 🤖 Listen to the debatable question.
  2. 🎙️ Press the record and tell your opinion.
  3. 🧐 SpeakFit will make your answer better.


New fresh topics every day

The bot uses interesting facts to start the conversation, which is updated every day. So you'll find it interesting to open the app in a month or six months from now.

Pro tip: You’ll have an interesting fact in your pocket for small talks with people.

Two types of corrections

SpeakFit can highlight only basic errors (like Grammarly), or tell you how to rephrase your speech to make it sound more native (like DeepL). GPT4 model is used for maximum quality.

Chanks of 5 minutes

Speaking practice is divided into chunks of 3 questions requiring only 3-5 minutes to complete. Have an exercise when it's convenient. Gain stars for passing milestones, and feel the power of gamification.

Precise voice recognition

You can speak slowly, take pauses to think, and feel secure knowing that your speech will be recognized correctly.

Advanced Phrases Practice

Your goal is to embed the phrases from the list into your answers. The service shows them in random order. When the phrase is used 3 times - it is considered learned. So you will learn not to remember the translation when you see the phrase, but use them in active speech, which are quite different things.

Why not ChatGPT?

ChatGPT lacks specialized features like progress tracking, reminders, corrections viewer, daily set of fresh topics for discussions.
In general, this leads to doubling the time spent on training. So the same progress in language can take one year instead of half a year.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Why not Duolingo?

The main issue is that Duoligno is targeted solely for beginner levels.

They've launched similar speaking practice with an AI partner recently, but it is also designed for beginnes and and will not help those people who are already experienced.

How to start?

Start with 10-15 minutes of discussions with the bot per day.